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The Right Hashtags for You

Happy #FourthOfJuly, not "Happy 4th of July!" 👇🏽⁠

Hashtags have emerged as an incredible way to search for content on social, specifically Instagram.⁠ Remember "there's an app for that?" well these days, there's a #hashtag for that… yup, for everything.

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It helps your overall impressions and potentially your engagement if you're hashtaging relevant topics. Some hashtags are seasonal, like #IndependenceDay, other's like #SocialMediaHacks are forever.⁠ Social Lock always encourages hashtag usage in a social media strategy, but not the same one for each platform. Here's our hashtag recommendations per platform:


Hashtags are the most important on Instagram. The platform allows you to use 30 hashtags in one post, and you should use all 30 of them. If you have 10k followers or less, try to stick to hashtags with less than 30k posts. As a small account, it's highly unlikely that your posts will be seen in a hashtag that has millions of posts.Your post will quickly drop down in the rankings, making that hashtag essentially useless to your post. Using niche, focused hashtags with less posts increases your chances of ranking in the Top 9 and having your post seen by more people.


Hashtags were born on Twitter as a way to archive all tweets about the same topic.While they are heavily used for discovery, it's not common practice to use many in your tweet. Stick to 2-4 hashtags max per tweet.


Hashtags are quickly emerging as a strong growth strategy on LinkedIn. This is partly because people can "follow" hashtags like they follow people. Social Lock recommends 7-12 niche hashtags per post.


⁠Hashtags are not commonly used on Facebook. Due to the privacy settings on the platform, they are not easily used for discovery. Thus, keep your hashtag usage on Facebook to national days of importance like #VeteransDay or business/campaign specific posts like #CheshireCookieCompanyContest.

Do you use hashtags in your strategy? If you need help picking the right hashtags for your content, set up a complementary consultation with Social Lock today.

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