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How to turn story viewers into leads

Trying to figure out a way to build a relationship with your audience?

Struggling to get conversations started in your community?

Wishing you knew how to generate leads organically from social media?

Use my story -> DM strategy to turn story viewers into leads.

You may have heard that you should be showing up on stories every day. People say that, but they don't say why. The why is that it helps build a like, know, and trust factor with your audience. It also serves as a great segway to have conversations with followers who could potentially become leads. Here's how to do just that:

Step 1: Use stickers in your stories that will evoke response. This could be a poll or a slide bar. ⁠

Step 2: Reply to anyone who engaged with the sticker via DM and continue the conversation.

Step 3: One they're in the DM you can get to know them, their struggles, and eventually pitch once they're warm enough.⁠

From now on, promise me you'll never post a story without a sticker. Thank me later!

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