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Best Times to Post

Do you feel like your posts are being met with a closed door?

If you're not getting engagement on your posts, you might be posting at the wrong time. It’s important to get engagement within the first few hours of posting so that the algorithm will show your posts to more of your audience.⁠

Finding the right times to post for your brand can help with that.

Example: If you post at 2am when a small amount of your audience is active, you may only get 5 likes on your post. Then, your post gets dumped into the black hole.

If you post at 12pm when majority of your audience is active, you'll get 30 likes on your post - with potential for more impressions.

To find out the best time for you to post, head on over to your insights tab on Instagram. Or, if you're using a scheduling tool it will typically tell you what the best time to post is based on the performance of your past posts. If you need help figuring out when to post, set up a time for us to chat here.

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