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Work From Home Tips

I've been working from home on and off for a few years now. I’ve learned how to be productive doing it and I love it! But I know that's not the case for everyone, especially small business owners and new soloprenuers, so I decided to lay out six tips to help you work from home effectively and not rip your hair out :-).

(Prefer to watch instead of read? Check out this YouTube video explaining the tips!)

1. Get Ready for Your Day

It's so tempting to just stay in your pajamas all day. Making it a routine to get ready for the day, Put on an actual outfit, and if you're feeling fancy, maybe some makeup. Look good, feel good, work good is the thought process behind this one.

2. Have a Designated Workspace

Even more tempting? #WorkFromBed. Roll over, open your laptop and work from the comfort of your sheets. Sound great? Yes! Sound productive? Not really. One of the complaints I hear most often from people who have just started working from home is that they don't feel a separation between their work life and home life. Having a designated workspace alleviates that by allowing you to have a zone you can mentally clock in and clock out off. I have a home office designated for working my 9 to 5 Mon - Fri and being creative Sat + Sun (YouTube, Blogging, Photoshoots, etc.)

Mon - Fri, when I leave that room, I'm mentally clocking out of work just like I do at the office at 5 o'clock and moving on to relaxation station. Don't have a home office? That's okay! Designating a space works too.

3. Make a To-Do List Everyday

I don't know about you guys, but it's so much easier to prioritize what I need to do when it's written down. Especially when working from home, it gives me clear objectives for what I need to do for work. It makes me feel like I have more control over my work day vs. my evening at home. Mentally, I know that when I get to the end of that list, I'm good to go, I can log out for the day and mentally check out.

4. Take a Lunch Break

Just because you're working from home doesn't mean you shouldn't work on a schedule. Taking a break for lunch is a huge way to signal to your bran that you're half way through the work day (yay). It'll also give you a much needed screen break. I find that at the end of the day, if I didn't have a screen break of some sort, I have a headache.

5. Take a Walk Break

It's easy to fall into the trap of not leaving your house for a few days when you work from home. Take a break in the afternoon to take a quick walk, see the outside world. You'll come back refreshed and ready to finish your day strong.

6. Have Strict Off Hours

When you don't have to hop in the car right at 5 to beat rush hour, it's easy to just keep working. Honestly, this is the quickest way to burn out. I don't know who needs to hear this (me, sometimes), but just because you're working from home doesn't mean you need to work more than you would at the office! Set your work hours, stay consistent with your structure.

Overall, guys, the best way to successfully work from home is to create a separation of work and home within your home. I hope these tips help you effectively do so, and maybe enjoy it like I do.

Thanks for reading,

Stephanie Morgan

Social Lock Founder & CEO

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