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Hustle with Hashtags Highlights

In Hustle with Hashtags, you learn how to stop being confused about hashtags and start being an expert. You stop missing out on customers and start receiving the engagement and followers you’ve dreamed of. You stop wasting your time and energy on banned hashtags (and learn what a banned hashtag is... lol)

Here's your reminder of some of the takeaways.

  1. Hashtag research is the process of searching for the right hashtags for you. Why should you do this? Because you want your content to be seen by a certain type of person, and using hashtags that they wouldn’t be using won’t help your visibility. How do you know if a hashtag is right for you? Short answer: it depends. Long answer: it aligns with your content, your ideal customer, your current following size, and your brand goals.

  2. You have two options for hashtag placement: Captions and comments. The one you choose is a matter of preference.

  3. You get thirty hashtags. Make sets of 30 for each content pillar.

  4. Beware of banned hashtags!

Are you strategically using hashtags yet? If not, let me help you! Get the Hustle with Hashtags e-book for all the details here:

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