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5 step content creation process

Content is king. It's what sets you apart from the rest, if done correctly.

The problem is, most people know they should be creating high quality content in advance, but they don't know how or where to start. In this blog, I'll break down the 5 steps you should have in your content creation process.

Step 1. Look at what's been performing well already

It's crucial for your content to be what your audience likes. How do you know what your audience likes? Your analytics/insights. Take a look at what's been getting engagement or converting. This will tell you what you should be posting more of.

2. Cross-reference that with your social media strategy.

Examine if the posts that are resonating is the direction your social media strategy has guided you in. Add in any other content ideas that your strategy calls for.

3. Write out your captions

Now, you should map out when each content will go live. Add it to a spreadsheet organized by date or into another planning tool you use. Write out captions that correspond with each idea.

4. Use your captions as inspo for your post creatives.

Once your captions are all buttoned up, you should use them as inspiration for your post creatives. Will your creative be a reel, a video, a photo, a graphic, an infographic? There's a lot of creatives to choose from in 2020 - choose a mix of the type that your audience is enjoying the most and what's currently trending.

5. Schedule it in advance.

Last but certainly not least, set it and forget it. Schedule these posts using a tool like Sprout Social. This ensures everything actually gets posted and stays on track.

Have questions about content creation or need a hand with your strategy? Schedule a 30 minute strategy session with me:

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