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Caption Templates That Convert

You have a gorgeous photo ready to post, but wait.... what should the caption be?⁠

Writing captions can be annoying, complicated, and just dang hard, especially when you're trying to get your audience to complete an action.

annoyed woman

A major key to writing a good caption that converts is to catch the audience's attention with the first line. This hook should be catchy, polarizing, funny, etc. Something you think will make someone stop scrolling.

The most important part of the caption is a clear call to action. A call to action is a phrase that’s used to tell the user exactly what action to take and how to take it. This can be as simple as two words (“Sign up”) or a sentence or two (“Love learning about marketing and want to learn more? Subscribe now so you never a post!”), and it can be simple text with a hyperlink or a clickable button. You'll never convert your audience if you don't explicitly lay out what you want the reader to do next, so your call to action needs to be clear.

The order in which you state the call to action and the hook depend on what your intended action is. If your goal is to get post likes, it might be okay to put it at the beginning. If the goal is to lead them to a landing page, it makes more sense to end your caption with the call to action.

Here are a few caption templates to get you started:

Template A: [Question] [body] [cta]⁠

Template B: [Polarizing statement] [body] [cta]⁠

Template C: [CTA] [Question] [Body]⁠

Template D: [Punch line] [body] [Question]

Need some more help with captions? Set up a complementary consultation and we'll help you lock in on the perfect captions for your business goals.

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