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3 Social Media Content Tips

Are you creating content this week? Don't start until you've read these 3 tips:⁠ 1. Evergreen

Evergreen content is content that never goes out of style. It's always in, because it's relevant to the overall messaging of your brand. This content makes so much sense for your brand, that many people don't even realize they're making it.

Example of evergreen content:

Automotive industry: driver safety guide, importance of following a maintenance schedule

Life coach industry: Self improvement tips, motivation Monday

Examples of non-evergreen content:

Fashion: fall style mood boards, summer runway show casting call

Tech: New product press release, sale promotions

Recycling evergreen content is a win win for your audience and for you. Your audience has shown they already love this stuff. You can save you a ton of time when planning out your content calendar. Everyone wins!

2. Trends

Look at the trends. The good news: with the nature of social media, there's usually a few new types of content trending at once. The bad news: not every social media trend will work for your brand's audience. What type of content are people in your niche/industry loving right now? Here are a few current trends to test out in your upcoming content calendar:

  1. Temporary content (Think stories)

  2. Short videos (Think Tik Toks)

  3. Challenges (Think current day chain mail)

  4. Employee advocacy (Think authenticity)

3.Make it pop.

The thing my clients are often doing wrong before they come to me, is not taking into consideration that we're all visual people. No matter how much you enjoy looking at numbers, at the end of the day, we all enjoy visuals. My low-hanging-fruit tip for social media is to always, always, always post a visual with every post.

Why? Because:

  1. Consumers are bogged down with so much information on social media. You need to stand out from the noise and utilizing a visual will help (high quality is even better).

  2. Visuals allow you to express brand consistency and tell a story.

  3. Aesthetically pleasing visuals just make us feel some type of way.

The visual can be a photo, a graphic, a video, a gif, etc.

These three content tips should help you come up with some great content, but if you're still stuck, I can help.


Stephanie Morgan

Social Lock Founder & CEO

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