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Monday January 31, 2022
9am PST | 12PM EST | 6PM CET

Instagram is one of the most important platforms for business. 


Yet, many entrepreneurs don’t know what to do next on the platform, especially with the constant changes. This new landscape is different from ever before, and even if you know your product and industry like the back of your thumb, you don’t always know what the best way to market it is.


As a social media professional, it’s my job to stay up to date with the changes and find ways for my clients to achieve their goals as algorithms and features shift. I’ve crossed-referenced my knowledge of where Instagram is heading in 2022 with my years of experience creating signature social media strategies, to identify a blueprint that’s easy to implement and aligned with the direction you need to take on Instagram this year. 


And I want to teach it to YOU! 

                           how easy posting can be with a clear strategy to follow

                           how many more sales you can bring in by being highly visible

                           how confident you'll feel about how you're showing up

In the interactive workshop Breakthrough 22’, you will learn the foundation of a social media strategy: how to position yourself on Instagram in 2022, and what you should ACTUALLY be posting. But beyond that, you’ll walk away with:


  • CONFIDENCE that what you’re doing on Instagram is getting you closer to your goals.

  • A PLAN to get you there


Spots are limited to just 10 entrepreneurs committed to consistency this year!

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Breakthrough (1) copy.png
Breakthrough (1) copy.png
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Breakthrough copy.png

Breakthrough 22 is PERFECT for the entrepreneur who: 


✖️Wasn’t consistent in 2021

✖️Doesn’t know what to do next on Instagram because of all the changes

✖️Isn’t currently guided by a strategy

✖️Can’t tell which trends are worth hopping on

✖️Feels a little scared to do the wrong thing/intimidated to show up 




✖️Has a vision of being highly visible on Instagram in 2022

✖️Desires to have a clear strategy to follow 

✖️Wants confidence about using the platform for business


You know what, this sounds just like YOU! You owe it to yourself to make 2022 YOUR YEAR on Instagram.

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12:00 - 12:10pm welcome


12:10 - 12:20pm mindset pump up


12:20pm - 12:30pm teach: strategy positioning


12:30pm - 12:40pm work time 


12:40pm - 12:50pm review time


12:50pm - 1:10pm BREAK

1:10pm - 1:20pm teach: strategy content

1:20pm - 1:30pm work time

1:30pm - 1:40pm review time

1:40pm - 1:50pm Q&A

1:50pm - 2:00pm wrap up

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Q: What is the price to attend the workshop?

A: The price to attend the workshop is $175 USD. The standard price for my custom social media strategies is $1,500 and up. At just $200, you're getting the same social media strategy foundation as my premium clients who pay thousands.

Q: Who is teaching the workshop?

A: Stephanie Morgan, the CEO of Social Lock will be teaching the workshop. Learn more about Stephanie and her experience here. She was recently featured in Hubspot detailing best practices for 2022 social media strategies.

Q: Will there be a replay if I can't attend live?

A: Yes! There will be a replay available to all attendees, whether you attend live or not. 

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