Hustle With Hashtags

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Hi, I'm Stephanie, the owner and founder of Social Lock. I'm passionate about creating online communities in order to drive brand recognition and profitability, and your brand is next!


Throughout my social media career, I’ve found that many business owners I’ve worked with don’t know a lot about hashtags. They don’t know how to find them, they don’t know how to pick them, and they don’t know that many of them are banned.

Right now, you're probably throwing out a few hashtags here and there with no strategy. And you're probably getting repaid with crickets.


Hashtags are a way for you to get your content seen by your ideal client in numbers you never imaged. These business owners are missing a big opportunity to connect with potential customers.


                          if your ideal client found you, instead of you going out to find them.

              if you had engagement on your posts, instead of crickets.

                       if you didn’t have to post every day because your content has a longer lifespan.

In the Hustle with Hashtags Masterclass, you’ll stop being confused about hashtags and start being an expert. You’ll learn how to stop missing out on customers and start receiving the engagement and followers you’ve dreamed of. You’ll stop wasting your time and energy on banned hashtags (and learn what a banned hashtag is. It’s okay, I see you and I’m here for you).

What We'll Lock in on:

1. What a hashtag is

2. Why you should do hashtag research

3. How to do hashtag research

4. Hashtag sets

5. Best hashtag placement (caption, comments, or somewhere else?)

6. Banned hashtags

7. Amount of hashtags to use

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Hashtags have emerged as an incredible way to search for content on social, specifically Instagram.⁠

Remember "there's an app for that?" well these days, there's a #hashtag for that… yup, for everything. 😆

Using hashtags will help your business grow on social media, if you're doing it right. They will help your impressions and your engagement if you're hashtaging relevant topics. With that combination, your ideal client will start finding you in no time!

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